When it’s time for a walk..

Of late I started walking in the evenings regularly. Whenever I step out of my house with my walking shoe, I really feel good. After day’s work when I go out with no backpack hanging on my back, I really feel very lite.

I go to a park which is half a mile from my house. I somehow feel the park and the area surrounded by it very enchanting. May be because of the breeze while I walk under the gracefully stretched trees, may be because of small children playing around, may be because of attention-grabbing Kung-Fu practise by children – which is arranged at one corner, or to the tune of FM that I listen while walking – that brings more melody to my evening.

I follow 3-Round-Policy while walking thrice around the park.

First round – I just relax and try to enjoy the place, trying to forget my day’s worries. I know, it’s tough to hush your inner voice which keeps reminding you about monthly due payments, pending work for the day and oh ya- what-to-cook- tonight. But I just try to bring back myself feeling the ambience and the fresh breeze. Isn’t it a great privilege to have a freedom to care for your thoughts every day, for some time? !

Second Round – I concentrate on my breathing or on the music. I increase my pace if I get distracted. Of course I end up jogging and very rarely I run as well..until I can feel my whole body, while my mind is in my control.

And then I relax for a while and my third round during which I slowly list my To-Dos for that day and next.

Trust me walking gives you a great pleasure especially when you are on your own!