Coffee or Tea?!

Coffee Day or Tea Time?!

During my childhood both coffee and tea are alien drinks to me. I was introduced to coffee 3 years back in Shanghai Office for the first time. Taking break for sipping coffee in between the stressful working hours is always a pleasure. After ‘m back to India, I never missed to join the queue in food courts of my office; as a first thing every morning- to get my cup of coffee in spite of knowing that I may miss first 10 mins of meeting ( if at all ‘m late and I hv one). What is good and not so good about coffee is its bitterness. It makes you want it more, while you know it’s enough. What if you add the sweetness of muffin or chocolate brownie while sipping coffee; I would say it makes my day and such days make my life-The Bitter and sweet experiences. I ‘m used to having coffee only if a machine or some other person prepares it.

Since the time I joined new company, I never liked the coffee whenever I tried. So I had to switch to Tea. I like having tea made with milk, green tea( Esp Tulsi Tea), black tea(Earl Grey / English Breakfast), lemon tea and all the iced teas of course. In the midst of having these many varieties of tea, my interest to have a coffee took a back seat.

And today after a long time, I saw a coffee shop opened near my home. I felt extremely elated seeing that. The happiness on my face was shown instantly. My love towards coffee mesmerized me and next moment I found myself having Cafe Frappe; Coffee loaded with oodles of ice cream. MY COFFEE; I have been missing it for long time. I enjoyed every sip, in the company of my love..
May be from now on, everyday can be a coffee day if ‘m bored having tea! 🙂 wohoooo!