My childhood memories about God

One fine early evening I was going on my father’s LML Vespa Blue colour scooter, I was around 7 years if ‘m not wrong. It just stopped raining; the roads were damp and empty. I was standing in between father’s driving seat and the handle of the scooter. I was very excited to go to my aunt’s house which was a mile away from our house. Enjoying the cool Sunday breeze, I looked at the clear sky and immediately I felt – “wow, the sky is absolutely widespread, everywhere I go, I look up and I can see the sky! Isn’t wonderful?!” Immediately, without hesitating much I asked my father – “Daddy, do you think the construction of sky got over? Or God might be still working on it?” I remember my father replying – “God, planned our lives well advanced, He ensured the Earth is safe before leaving us, to explore it more.” I was amazed by the power of God. I felt so happy and protected that the God almighty is absolutely everywhere and our lives are well planned by Him.

Another such incident I remember was – When one of our teachers spoke about Good & Evil. I was in 2nd grade; it’s a Leisure Hour on Saturday evening. Miss Liza started with the topic, why children should always be away from evil and do only good things. And she went on saying; “Always evil tries to take the lead and tries to fight with good. Evil can tune your mind as it wants, provided your mind knows what’s good and you are ready to fight against evil. And then sure you will be God’s child. She also quoted an example that – When your mom tells you that there are two chocolates in Fridge one for today and tomorrow. After you have one, your evil side prompts you to have the other one too. And your Goodness says – preserve it for morrow as mom said. ALWAYS BE WITH GOOD.”

I can add one more incident to this list, which happened when I was 10 years old. One evening after I returned from school I was stressed out recollecting the conversation which I had with my friends, about what kind of punishments that God can give in the Hell. One can be fried in hot oil. If too much of salt is wasted, the amounts of salt wasted in lifetime; have to pick it up with eye-lids. Your tongue will be cut based on the count of lies you have spoken. You will be tortured…in hell it will be so hot and what not… !!?! And the same night I remember having dream in which the Gods (Hinduism we have more than one Gods) discussing that Divya is good girl. Next day that gave a great relief to me. (ha ha.. I jus can’t stop laughing recollecting this one)

After my father’s demise, I started talking to God/Father while executing any small bad thing. I know He protects me from evil. These days, when I go temple I greet God like a friend. Asking how is He and how is his world! And then I get into the business of asking him for peace and read out my wish list of course! 
I believe in Him!