I would like to be called.. a city gal.

I would like to be called.. a city gal..

I would like to be called.. a city gal..

I like to live in cities. Especially after I came out of college I wanted to be in the midst of city buzz, a happening place and enjoy the freedom of exploring the city on my own. More because I can have avoid aunties in my neighborhood who would peep out of their windows when ‘m late to home, who give any damn suggestion to my mother on how to handle her daughter and don’t ask me how they taught my mom on tips to get me married soon.< I am daughter of lovely mom, and she always took the pressure and listened to my heart. *Touch-wood*>

In city like Bangalore, you can live on your own, yes its true you wont know your neighbors (until they are your owners to whom you to pay the rent) even after 5 or 10 Yrs. Be it.. but if I fall from my bike on street- people gathered to help me, if I ask for routes they try to explain in the language that I know and it is a city with full of gardens and I like to visit any park at least thrice in a week. I enjoy my life, like I want. Its true, I grew affection towards
Bangalore and my lifestyle here.

Childhood days were different. I am fortunate to have a colony life. “Where you don’t look for friends,as they in are your street always, the roads are the play grounds, trees are our swings and our climbing walls & snacks always at friends house. If you want to play for longer time with your friend, introduce your mom to your friend’s mom, they have their chat you can continue your games.” Our final game for the day would be hide and seek with our parents before we get into house.

I miss my childhood days and its sad that I can never get them back. And now I enjoy being an independent girl.

Does love mean having total compatibility, always?

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One of my friends and I were sitting in the last row of the bus while returning from office. We were definitely very good friends but never shared our personal matters. We just started with our usual conversation and ran through the topic of my interest in writing. She happened to share some messages that a guy was sending her. I knew they both were friends. The messages were very romantic and no wonder he is a good writer. I liked his poetry but I didn’t know how to react. Since she seemed to be positive I gave my normal response that her friend is a good writer or poet. Since then she started sharing about her friendship with that guy.

One day she simply said I wonder if he likes me the same way. I didn’t know what she meant by that, but I knew one thing, they liked…

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