DPChallenge for a week… ;)

It’s been a week since I started with DPChallenge. And ‘m through it whole week along with changing the page design! yayyy!I treated myself with a cake and milkshake today! 🙂 And now I will sit back and relish my week’s work! Hoping to blog more and more…


3 thoughts on “DPChallenge for a week… ;)

  1. Mandii says:

    Congrats on the full week!! If I can give you any advice (having attempted many post-a-day challenges) I would say don’t let yourself be discouraged if you miss a day, and definitely keep up with the rewards – gotta love cake ;D

    • divyaakella says:

      hey Mandiii… Thank you for the wishes! I slowly understand DPChallenge lil tough but not impossible… I had to visit my in-laws and couldn’t blog for last 3 days.. would like to cover it this week.. lets see.. Take Care.. Catch you soon with my next blog..

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