The Ignored

 I woke up at eight in the morning just to realize ‘m left with 25 minutes to catch my morning bus to office. Wondering why my mom didn’t wake me up, I called her and there was no reply. Thinking that she hasn’t returned from morning walk I got ready quickly and started to office.

While closing the gate, hearing to the grandpa’s stick I turned sideways to wish him and I felt sad as his daily toothless smile was missing and he had not even wished me. I didn’t know if I was ignored or he really didn’t notice. Thinking about what could be the reason; I passed by few houses and shops and entered into the long lane next to ours. This very long stretch of road leads me to my bus stop. Usually my day starts with dogs chasing me on road and sometimes the horning vehicles. Surprisingly that day dogs and horns were not heard. Streetlights which were turned on that day before have still not rested. The red glow on thier face looks more due to the embracement as its radiance is buried by the bright morning Sun. The road which was carefully used by the pedestrians like me was lying uncovered stretching up to the main road. I just checked my watch to confirm it’s not too early to start my day and I realized I have to hurry up.

 At last, journey to the bus stop ended but never expected my real journey towards life was yet to begin. At that moment my mobile beeped ‘Not coming to office –Deepa’. Usually, while waiting for office bus I also wait for one my friends(Deepa) to join me. Before I could reply screen went off; showing Low Battery Warning. I waited for some time. The main roads which usually are very busy seemed to be deserted except for a few vehicles which flashed now and then. Not knowing if I really missed my morning bus I headed towards the Auto Stand. To my relief I saw two autos. While I was nearing the auto stand, an Auto left ignoring my wailing to stop. I felt very upset after I noticed that there was no driver in another auto. Cursing my stars I started walking further.

The roads, the trees, the buildings, the traffic and the street lights which daily witness my smile, my intolerance, my anxiety, my temper and my silence seemed so indifferent and different. As I took every step I felt everything was new and distinct; I started feeling that the Earth swallowed the surroundings from bus stop till office. I saw few strangers around, I approached a couple to know where I ‘m; before I could ask them, they ignored me as though ‘m an unseen spirit, they went on talking with each other. I didn’t know which direction to choose. So I stood still looking all around. I decided to step back to find my old path. I thanked God I got an idea where to go next. But Alas! I was stuck in reverse. I didn’t find my way back home as well.

The world around still looked very familiar, so I had to tell myself –‘‘m fine but just lost my way’ and started moving ahead. I saw trees lined up in front of me, protecting me from bright scorching Sun. I started feeling secured. I heard for first time after an hour someone calling me; I was pleased to listen to that voice.

She began the conversation asking me “Are you alright?”

After a long pause I reckoned –“I’m just fine.”

“So where are you heading to?” She asked.

 I explained my story to her and asked if she can help me. For which she answered; “For sure I will be with you, till you find someone or something which keeps you occupied.” So I just started explaining about myself and after a while I realized I never asked who she was. And when I did she replied with smirk on her face. “You will get to know soon.”

 I enjoyed her company but my day seemed gloomier after I started talking with her. I was distracted and forgot what ‘m looking for. We walked for hours together and it became afternoon. I was tired and hungry. I plucked some Mangoes from trees and filled my stomach. When I offered Mangoes to her she replied “I ‘m already full.” These words of her irritated me a bit and I decided to get rid of her. I said I ‘m fine to find my own way and thanked her for accompanying. Still she denied leaving me until I found someone. I sat under tree and started reading the book I carried with me. I didn’t realize when she left me and at that time I didn’t know who she was!

 She was sweet at the beginning, cunning at times, distractive always who was she!?!

I enjoyed afternoon breeze while reading book. And after a while I resumed my journey. As time passed by, slowly the Sun went down. The evening sky seemed promising in guiding me back to my home. I was overjoyed to see the sun-set; my busy schedule hardly allows me to step out of my building during evenings. I only get chance to see the hot blazing Sun in the morning and the soothing Moon in the evenings. I was sitting on a rock at the edge of cliff watching the Sun Set. The warmth and glow of orange rays out of the Sun were extended all around me. They made me feel safe and invigorated my energy. Yes! Even the Sun went missing after some time as though the Dragon in the form of night gulped it down.

With that I was left alone on the rock, in the darkness thinking what’s next? Meanwhile a butterfly came and sat on my knee I showed it my fingers and welcomed it to share my evening with it. In no time I was infatuated and started running after it as it took me. And we took turns to play while the Moon Beam guided us. We had great fun and we came back to the rock to take rest where we met before. This time when we looked at sky it was brightened with Moon and Stars like spot lights just focusing on two of us. I was so mesmerized looking at the beauty of sky and I wished that moment remains forever. Mean while not sure when but my Butterfly gone missing. I went into the woods, searched everywhere I could but I still didn’t find the butterfly. I felt neglected once again, and all of sudden I heard an unbearable noise and everything around vanished like a dream.

Then I woke up shouting… Please come back. I don’t want to miss you…I don’t want to be ignored anymore… It was an unnatural dream for me. I went silent whole day thinking about the dream.

 Every time I thought, it reminded me of Grandpa who didn’t care to smile back, the Street lights which were glowing but were just as good as stones in the morning light, auto driver who left just ignoring me, how I ended up meeting a girl whom I then realized was LONELINESS which denied to leave me till I left it, the fleeting happiness that Sun Set left with me and the infatuation towards a colorful butterfly (can be read as material things) which finally made me hit the reality.

All I could think was being ignored is fine, if you are ready to learn something good out of it…!

In my opinion, never ignore your dreams; its same as ignoring yourself. No one is responsible to fulfill your dreams except you. Follow your dreams and accept where ever they take you to. –D.D


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